The One Million Dollar Blog

What to blog about?

Most people who start blogging have a hard time finding new topics to blog about. Let me elaborate on how I plan on tackling this problem. Now, I will be blogging about current events so its very easy for me, but even blogger sticking to one particular niche can use these resources.

1. Google News/Newsvine: Both of them are great for reading up on the latest news, and each of them have separate categories, so if you are blogging about politics, tech, etc. you can check out the respective categories to find out the latest happenings. In Google News, you can use Search to find news on a particular topics, while in Newsvine you can read up readers' columns to get a feel of the reactions of people on a particular news item.

2. Technorati: There is simply no better way to find out what to blog about, than to see what your readers are looking for. Take a peek at the top search terms to get a hint.

3. Other Blogs: Take a look at what your fellow bloggers are writing about, especially bloggers who are already successful and get a bunch of readers. Also if you don't feel like writing a long post, just link to another blogger's post that caught your sight and comments on it. This is an excellent way to build up your relationship with your peers.

4. Memeorandum/TechMeme/WeSmirch/Ballbug: Sites that follows the buzz on politics, technology, gossip, and sports respectively. All of them give you information about the latest buzz and links to blogs that are discussing it.

5. Digg/ Digg is a particularly interesting place to find cool stuff on a variety of topics, as chosen by their users, you can find new stuff hitting the frontpage faster than you can blog about them. on the other hand is a social bookmarking site and has a lot of amazing things that people found good enough to bookmark, take a look at them for some ideas.

BONUS: When all else fails and you cant find anything to blog about visit flickr and pick out a cool photo and post it. But only if you're really desperate.

Average Joe Blogger

Expanding on my previous post, I'll use this blog to see if it truly is possible for some the average Joe blogger to earn money by blogging. I picked Blogger as my blogging platform, because its free, and anyone can start a blog here. I will be using Google AdSense as the only ad server, at least until this blog a decent amount of readers.

I will be blogging on a variety of topics, especially about current events, which could be anything from iPhone to Paris Hilton. Given the fact that a blog needs to have a laser sharp focus on a particular niche in order to succeed, this will make my job to get a million bucks a little bit harder.

Wish me luck.

Blogging for the million

This is an experiment to see how long it takes to earn one million dollars, with a blog that started from scratch, by someone who never had a blog before.